Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It's here again: The Classic CACTUS Challenge.
54 km on foot Hokitika to the Greens Beach turn off just north of Lake Ianthe!

It seems the term has just begun but with a later and shorter term it is all on.

45 km of beach. 9 km of forestry road.
Hokitika, Totara, Mikonui and Waitaha river crossings.

Long Day. Endurance.

This team could smash the record - 13 hours.

6 am start. Be at Bodyworx Gym at 5:45.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

CACTUS Cowboys in paradise

Finally the Wild West CACTI will have their shoot out.

This is the part of the afternoon CACTUS challenge we didn't pull off on the CYCLE trail.
So we're moseying on out to Milltown behind lake Kaniere to Cowboy Paradise where Mike Milne is going to put us through the ropes and we can practice some gun slinging.

"Sudden" (Mike) does the firearms license testing for the police in Westland so we're in good hands!

Pick up from High School carpark 3:30 Monday 7th.


  • Warm enough clothes and a rain jacket if poss. 
  • Beanie is probably a good idea if it blows up a westerly - it could be cold.
  • CACTUS T-shirt. A camera if you have one.
  • Some meat to throw on the Barbie.

Shouldn't be too late back.

We don't really have time to get a Permission form out before Mon so make sure your parents understand what we are doing and that you have their permission.
Cowboy Paradise is an established tourism business as well as home to many local club members.

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