Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hi Hi Tomo! Underworld Challenge!

CACTUS goes underground! 12 & 13 of April. Friday afternoon CACTUS will tramp into the Paparoa Ranges through the sheer cliffs, caves and sinkholes of awesome limestone country to overnight under The Ballroom Overhang. Saturday, we heading further north to Charleston and adventure caving with Norwwest Adventures where we will abseil down 40 meters into Hi Hi Tomo and the Te Tahi cave. Once below ground we will navigate our way through dry rift passages and active water ways with cascades, waterfalls and squeezes to test new found skills in the subterranean passages of the Paparoa National Park. Other activities including the standard CACTUS run around the Devils Cauldron at Pancake Rocks will round out our day before returning home Saturday evening. Take the Challenge! CACTUS Challenges are all day or overnight expeditions to test the physical and mental toughness of CACTUS survivors and the CACTUS team's cohesion forged over the term.

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