Friday, August 23, 2013


CACTUS Trustpower Youth Development Award runner up.
CACTUS to feature in 2014 Tindall Foundation Calendar
CACTUS in recess Term 3

Runner up 2013 Trustpowercommunity awards! 
CACTUS has come regional runner up in the Education and Child/Youth Development category. Thanks to Trustpower for their fantastic acknowledgement and generosity.

CACTUS is to feature on the Tindall Foundation 2014 Calendar
Tindall were our incredibly generous sponsors for 2011 - 2013 CACTUS Challenges. Their generosity empowered CACTUS to both challenge and reward the young people with some awesome activities for these end of course events!

CACTUS in recess - Heads up for Term 4
CACTUS is in recess in term 3.
John is out with an injury.
We are aiming for CACTUS to kick into gear for Term 4.
Keep an eye out!

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