Wednesday, August 29, 2012


CACTUS Challenge - 7th and 8th September: CACTUS will descend into Hi Hi Tomo, a 130 ft abseil into the cavernous mouth of the Te Tahi cave system! This part of our challenge will be with the experienced team from Norwest Adventures! Breathe in –this is “a full‐on exploration style activity in a superb sporty active water cave complete with abseils, climbs, crawls and squeezes.” Our 5 hour underground adventure will top off an overnight excursion in the Paproa area. This will involve bush travel and an awesome night out (in the bush, that is)! Be prepared for surprises. Get the permission signed and returned ASAP - Get it here.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

RFL / Challenge Date

Awesome! Goed Gedaan! Wunderbar! Fantastico!

Results from the RFL are here.

You need to qualify in all 3 exercises to make the grade.
G means you did girl's press ups which leads to a ? if you made the grade by my estimate.
The running is the main area to look to improve on for end of term team.
Remember, you are racing yourself and the clock - being as fast or faster than anyone else means NOTHING!

Check out the NZ Army site here.

Target date for End of Term CHALLENGE:   Fri/Sat 14/15 September.
Set these dates aside. Challenge may be all day Sat or Fri night Sat.

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