Who runs CACTUS

CACTUS is run by an enthusiatic bunch of volunteers who love getting out there with the kids.

John wears this cap currently. He thrives on getting
in there with the youth. Forget the easy way of doing it - the obstacles are there to be negotiated not avoided. Fears and discomfort are just opportunities! Enjoy life!
A bit more flexible - John usually carries the program when it is in the afternoons.

Alan, Pip, and Rhys
What a team! These guys held the fort while John was away at the beginning of the year.With a big heart for youth they are always keen to push the kids (and themselves) along!
If CACTUS is in the mornings they can turn up in force - but they are keen to support in anyway at anytime.

CACTUS is a charitable trust and is run by a dedicated team of trustees. Long time CACTUS pillars Kim Judd and Anthony Wilson are complimented by the program supervisors, Pavel Bares of Sports West Coast, Bruce Pearson, youth officer with Hoki Police and from time to time parents of CACTUS participants. Derek Blight is the secretary/treasurer based at Westland District Council.

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