Wednesday, July 1, 2009


06:30 Mananui to Mahinapua Challenge

Term 4 Challenge completed.
10 kg Pack run along beach to the Lake.
Blue team missed HI VIZ FLOURO ORANGE MARKERS and continued south.
Pink team reached obstacle course well in the lead, hurdled the wall
and were under the net and back again with the pole by the time the Blues made the wall.
Paddle Steamer Transition Pack PFD exchange.
Blue team dug deep and caught pinks by the end of the jetty.
Pole swim to boat ramp and final sprint to the carpark.
Blues pulled in first with a great effort.
Moro bars to the winners and conslolation prize to the losers (Moro bars).
The dry man misses out!

This was a short event due to winter sports commitments and the conclusion to a great term.
Thanks to HEHA for generous sponsorship for the life jackets.

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