Sunday, December 13, 2009

CACTUS topples Tahua and conquers Kaniere in an awesome day.
The wild West Coast dished up a meteorological challenge with constant rain including wind and hail on the tops for the end of term challenge.

An awesome effort from the team! 1km vertical climb in a 7hr return trip! The team pulled together as they battled wind chill and hail to reach the summit at 1200m elevation. They were glad for being adequately equipped to face the conditions.
Awesome effort from Isaac Winsley standing in for Alan to help the team reach the summit.
A hot milo, then the 10k challenge of the Kaniere Walkway which the CACTI quickly took in their stride, a quick trip back to Hans bay for the Kaniere Kaos obstacle course - a vehicle tow, stretcher carry, pole carry including a crawl under a net, pole swim, wall-climb with a final vertical innertube slalom in the Lake to finish the day.
Highlights from an instructors point of view:
The team looking out for one another and encouraging each other.
Everyone stepping up to the challenges especially some of the younger ones.
Awesome team!

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