Monday, June 28, 2010

Adrenlin Adventure was Awesome!

Yeeeeeeehah! Adrenalin Adventure was an awesome time. Arthur's Pass and into the Devil's Punchbowl walk in the dark with snow underfoot. Then off toe Spencer's Beach on the northern outskirts of Chch. Lights out at 11 and up at 6:00 - 10 minutes to fall in! South along the beach with a stretcher run and return with sand in the packs, breakfast tidy up and then into the trees for and Adrenalin challenge.
The CACTI excelled on these challenges - 100 activities spread over six "paths" in the trees starting at 1.5 metres off the ground ascending to 20 m! Scariest activity: the drop-in flying fox into the spiders web on level six!
We concluded with a session in snow and boulders at Castle Hill on the way home.
Thanks to Joe Davies who stood in as supervisor on this event, and the amazing young people who made it such ha great time. See the photos - click on the slide show to access the album and bigger pictures.

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