Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wrap up / Heads Up

1. Last Session this arvo.
2. Breakfast / presentation tomorrow. Pancake cook up. Bring your own topping.
Batter hits the pans at 7:30. Best pancake competition. HCF building 26 Kaniere Rd.
3. RFL results updated on RFL Results page.
4. BIG THANKS to Tindall Foundation for sponsoring our Challenges this year - the Fox trip was just fantastic!

1. CACTUS will be mornings next term. 7:45 - 8:45am MWF.
Optional breakfast and showers at Gym afterwards. Get your day off to a head start.
2. Recruitment drive. We're after more CACTI. Especially locals.
Press gang your friends, associates (even enemies) into to checking out CACTUS!

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