Monday, April 15, 2013


Just awesome! Tramping through the night to the Ballroom Overhang. Abseiling into the Te Tahi (The One) Cave System and Blackwater Rafting under the glow worm milky way! WHat a great way to spend a night and a day! We set our from Bullock Creek just before 6pm along the Inland Pack Track at a good trot into the fading evening light. It was well and truly night as the track entered the creek beds that fed us into Dilemma Creek before emerging into the Fox River. With eels underfoot and the Milky Way draped over the limestone cliffs of Dilemma Gorge we made good time constantly alternating between rocky river bed and fording forwarding to the Ballroom overhang for a good feed and a good nights sleep. Dawn saw us grab a quick breakfast before exploring a side creek up to its emergence from beneath the cliffs and then the Fox River caves on the way out for lunch at the car park. Up to Charleston for the caving expeditions: Blackwater rafting for Team 1 and Team 2 headed down Hi Hi Tomo, a 40m abseil into the Te Tahi cave. THe pictures say it all - double click on the albums at right to have a good gander. This was an awesome team this term who really stepped up to a great challenge! Breakfast at 7am at the HCF church building on Wed morning guys. Pip's organising at big feed!

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