Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tahua Toppled

20th December - Because it was there!
Laura, CHRISTINE (sorry Michelle and Christine! - 40 press ups later) and Ana three intrepid CACTI Basic graduates accompanied two home educators and John and Isaac Winsley to tackle Mt Tahua in pouring rain. Mt Tahua rises from its base at Lake Kaniere to an elevation of 1124 m above see level. This is an ascent of 1km in approx. 3 kms of horizontal distance. The first 2 km is mainly a steep ascent with the last km an undulating more gradual exposed ridge above the tree line to the summit.
The persistent rain often kept the track a steady rivulet under our feet once we made the saddle, easing somewhat on the way down. The lake could be seen obscurely on the first lookout and later from above the slip but was lost in cloud along ridge ascending to the top.
We left the road at 7:15 am and made the summit at about 9:45. No view and close to horizontal rain driving from the north made it a quick photo stop before descending to the saddle and taking a snack break in the bush on the southern side of the spur. The rain on top felt close to hail though coming from the north. Not surprisingly the next morning did reveal fresh snow on the alps. The descent was quicker thought the snack break and a massive mud fight among the stragglers was fitted in before making the road again at 11:30am.
A necessary dip in the lake to remove the mud from our jackets, clothing, legs and faces rounded off the morning nicely before heading back to Hoki.

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